Consistent and dependable quality control is a big reason why customers rely on time and time again.

can fabricate tubing and pipe for automotive, appliance, plumbing, motorcycle and industrial requirements. As a tubular specialist, we can process round, square tube, pipe or coiled material.

Wherever there is a tube to be bent, fabricated and manufactured, is the answer.

  • Multiple operations
    • One-stop shop for multiple operations
  • Bending, compound bending, bend-on-bend, flaring, expanding
    • customers appreciate our ability to consistency hold tolerances with part after part.
  • Small part fabrication to 3/32”
    • When many companies turn down small part fabrication, we welcome these challenges and we overcome them. Whatever the material, we can fabricate tube as small as 3/16” diameter. If you have a challenge on your hands, and would like some input, please don’t hesitate to call.
  • Knurling, drilling, saddle cuts
  • Notching, deburring, swaging
  • Beading, stamping, cutoff
    • has complete in-house stamping facilities, including tool and die. We welcome short and long runs, and we have extensive experience working with hard and soft metals.
  • Shapes, flanges, bevels, hole patterns
    • Welding

Plating Services

  • Anodizing, nickel chrome, bright zinc, painting, powder coating.

Quality Control

At , we take great pride in our quality control. Our parts are inspected at a level that is equivalent to specified requirements and tolerances. Our customers rely on us for part consistency throughout the run.

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We Go the Extra Mile

You can be sure no matter how difficult the task is, it will be quoted correctly, executed to your desired specifications and tolerances. We always meet our deadlines. If all the tooling is in place and you need something that is doable in 24 hours, if we say we can do it, we will.

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