Flagpole Division

Flagpole Division

EZPOLE® Flagpoles is an American company that proudly and patriotically offers AMERICAN-MADE products to anyone wanting to publicly display their pride in the U.S.A. Our products honor and exemplify the American spirit, and all those who build our nation and continue to fight to preserve our freedom and independence.

EZPOLE®  Flagpoles are 100% American made high-quality flagpoles.

Many of our competitors have foreign competition making their flagpoles. We do not. We believe in our product and our people. We continually get feedback from local installers who replace flagpoles. They find many brands of foreign-produced flagpoles that just don't hold up to the elements. The thin material used in the actual flagpole as well as lack of interlocking margin (swaging) causes flagpoles to crease, bend then ultimately, collapse. The metal parts rust and make noise as the flag repeatedly "clanks" the flagpole. EZPOLE flagpoles are an American made product that does not suffer from these quality issues.

The people who make the EZPOLE Flagpole line are hardworking, dedicated employees that make a difference in their communities. Through the custom fabrication division of the company, these people know the ramifications when work is lost to foreign competition. It can be extremely difficult to compete when the cost of materials alone can exceed what it costs for an overseas firm to produce a final item. In this particular line of work, we continually see foreign products made without much consideration to quality and details.

Even though we offer prices that are competitive to foreign-made flagpoles, you can't compare the quality of our USA made products. We feel our high quality production and parts that go into each flagpole, is what sets us apart from other manufacturers. In every detail, the EZPOLE flagpole flies above the competition.

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